Human Services

Our attention to human services often means turning attention where others have turned their back. Due to lack of adequate resources, countless children and families live in environments detrimental to a healthy, productive and contented life. CAFF remains committed to righting these circumstances when possible through support to agencies seeking assistance.

Of the original five agencies receiving awards from CAFF, four were human service organizations. The growing needs of such organizations continue to command the attention of CAFF today. The enormous problems facing America’s young people, the economic conditions in cities, and the numerous issues confronting families are all topics of concern to the Foundation. Welfare-to-Work programs, creative approaches to working with at-risk youth, inadequate daycare systems, ever growing hunger issues, and economic development initiatives are receiving attention from the Trustees today.

Sub Categories:

  • Career/Job Services
  • Community Programs
  • Disaster Relief Services
  • Food/Hunger Services
  • Shelter/Housing Support Services
  • Youth Services

‘95% of America’s Biggest Cities and 88% of smaller cities, suffer from gang-related crime. Up to 90% of gang members are juveniles.’

Source: American Bar Association

‘Despite the enormous wealth in the U.S., our child poverty rate is among the highest in the developed world. In 2005, 19% of children were poor.’

Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2007 Kids Count Data Book