Our commitment to educating future generations has always been a primary area of focus for CAFF. Since our first grant to Columbia University in 1951, CAFF has continually supported a number of private four-year colleges and universities around the country. Through careful giving and effective stewardship, we are often able to provide assistance that can aid current students and also serve future generations. Presently, numerous students are attending colleges on endowed scholarships established by the Foundation 20 to 40 years ago.

In addition to scholarship funding, CAFF has provided grants for technology and software upgrades and other infrastructure assistance. We are also meeting the challenge of the changing educational environment by contributing to a range of requests. Service learning, persons leaving welfare, students preparing for employment in non-profit agencies, and activities for at-risk youth are examples. Although the Frueauff Foundation rarely makes large grants, funds have been given to support building campaigns and major fund drives. In most instances, these grants are used to meet challenges from other foundations.

Sub Categories:

  • Community/Arts Education Programs
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Private Higher Education

‘Approximately 93,000 youth are held in juvenile justice facilities across the U.S. 70% of these youth are held in state-funded, post-adjudication, residential facilities at an average of $240.99 per day per youth.’

Source: Justice Policy Institute